Bingay and Future Social Events

Co-Chair Julie Eason:

Bingay is one of a series of events the HRRA committee are planning, to revitalise the social side to our activity in 2013. We need at this point to pay tribute to Erica Smith for her tireless energy in supporting us to organise this event, and to Timberlina, who so gloriously hosted it for us. We are excited to be working with both of them again so soon, and are sure Bingay will become a regular fixture in our calendar.

The Rainbow Alliance celebrates its 10 year anniversary this year, and we plan to do so in some style, with a big party. This is partly about meeting the demand for more social activity, and partly about raising funds, as we, like other organisations, are feeling the impact of the public purse being zipped shut. Whilst our running costs are low (we run on around £5,000 a year and all our work is currently done by volunteers), we would like to expand our work in the next decade, and ideally would like to have a staff member, even if very part time, to support this aim. We are looking to progress that this year and in the process of applying for funding to do so. We are hoping to celebrate our 11 year anniversary in 2014, by running a pride event but will need some additional capacity to pull this off, and make it the kind of event we can all be proud of. For us, that means we do not want a commercial company making money; but would like to make this accessible to all, and to see any profits from this go into developing services for our members, rather than creating profit for commercial purposes. We will be starting a conversation with the council and other key partners, to see how we can start making this plan a reality, over the next few months.

If you have any suggestions for social events please leave a comment below. Alternatively email us at

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