Rainbow Aces Bridge Group Update

The Bridge Group is growing with more sessions being lined up.

Bridge is an interesting and challenging card game, and it’s also a good way to socialise. The Rainbow Aces group has started up in East Sussex, to learn and play in an LGBT setting. We meet at the St Leonard’s pub on London Road in St Leonards, next to the Post office.

Our next gathering on Sunday 24 March will be an informal one. Those interested could turn up for a drink after 3:15 pm carrying a pack of cards, and if there are at least four then play can commence!

We’ll have a more formal session 07 April, with some organized hands and a mini lesson. Another informal session is set for 14 April.

For more information, please contact Sloan, the organiser, via the main HRRA email – info@www.hrra.org.uk.

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