‘We are LGBT Friendly’ Stickers

HRRA_GayFriendly_StickersHRRA have launched our ‘We are LGBT friendly’ stickers which have started appearing at local establishments. This is a new HRRA initiative to identify LGBT friendly establishments for our members to use.

In order to display this sticker proprietors are required to sign a declaration that they support the equalities aims of HRRA and ensure there is no abuse of LGBT people within their establishment.

We would be keen to hear experiences of our members and supporters in these establishments. Please email any comments to info@www.hrra.org.uk.

2 thoughts on “‘We are LGBT Friendly’ Stickers”

  1. Sussex police want to get closer to the lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender community and feel they can help out with any issues tackling abuse towards lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgenders.

    I was wondering what you opinion on this is?

    Should this have happened a long time ago?

    Thank you,


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