Hastings Pride 2019

The Rainbow Alliance in partnership with Southeastern Trains ran the QUILTBAG Arts Tent at Hastings Pride on Sunday August 25, 2019.

“QUILTBAG is a fun-to-say variation of the LGBTQ+ acronym. It stands for queer, questioning, unlabelled, intersex, lesbian, trans, two-spirit, bisexual, asexual, gay, genderqueer”

The whole event was a huge success, and the packed programme of events included award-winning comedian Jen Ives, poetry from Alice Denny, Jem de Blondeville and LGBT poet laureate Trudy Howson, and a display of artwork by Danielle Higgins. Throughout the afternoon there was music from Carol Prior, Anima Rising, Atomic Twitten, Expandis and the Southeastern Trains choir, with an after-show party courtesy of the Happy Maureens. Last but not least, we had a home-grown display on the theme of heroes to mark 50 years of LGBT campaigning since Stonewall.

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