Hastings Pride 2019

The Rainbow Alliance in partnership with Southeastern Trains ran the QUILTBAG Arts Tent at Hastings Pride on Sunday August 25, 2019. “QUILTBAG is a fun-to-say variation of the LGBTQ+ acronym. It stands for queer, questioning, unlabelled, intersex, lesbian, trans, two-spirit, bisexual, asexual, gay, genderqueer” The whole event was a huge success, and the packed programme […]

Newsletter – Summer 2014

Our new newsletter has been published. You can view this online here. This edition includes an update on our History Project; Details of International Women’s Day; A Trans Group Second Anniversary Article and the results of our Hate Crime Survey. If you have any feedback on the newsletter please email info@www.hrra.org.uk. To see all of […]

An Open Letter to Julie Birchill

Dear Julie, Thanks for your column, published in the Observer, in which you launched into a vicious and bitter tirade against the transgendered community. To make sweeping generalisations about any group of people, as you did, is rarely wise. To attack members of the LGBT community, when you live in Brighton, hardly makes for zen […]