Bridge is an interesting and challenging card game, and it’s also a good way to socialise. HRRA member Sloan has set up the Rainbow Aces group which has started meeting in East Sussex to learn and play in an LGBT setting. Beginners are always welcome!


Sessions generally take place at 2:00 pm on Sundays in St Leonards. For more information, please email and your details will be passed on to Chris, the current organiser, who took over from Sloane when she moved away.

Here’s what Sloane had to say about the club:

I was pleased to see the enthusiastic response from people in the area to the idea of playing bridge, and am especially chuffed that we mark our first anniversary with our meeting on 5 January. Some Sundays there’s there’s an informal gathering at the pub, but at least once a month I commit to bringing what I call prepared hands, which I’ve played elsewhere, in bridge clubs and online. I supply diagrams and analysis, so our group can compare how they’ve handled the cards to what more experienced players have done in other settings.


One of the hands I brought to the pub this month I had first played in a tournament online.

Dec hand

When I first played this hand online, my partner and I got a top score on it, because West (what WAS he thinking?) redoubled for no apparent reason, his weak hand could in no way be taken to offer support for anything.

As it happens, a North-South contract of 6 hearts doesn’t make because of the extreme distribution. The only slam that does is 6 diamonds.

When the Rainbow Aces members played the hand in the pub, North-South settled in 5 hearts, and took 11 tricks to make their contract.