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If you would like to donate to our charity then you can send us money directly to our bank account. Some members give us a small monthly amount to enable us to continue to provide our services and for this we are very grateful. Please use the get in Touch button below or email directly to to contact us for details.

We are a registered charity and can therefore claim gift aid on donations, which can increase the amount of the gift by 25%.

Paypal Giving -

You can donate to HRRA by using this link. It can take up to 6 weeks for us to receive the money. Please remember to tick the box so that Paypal provides us with your contact details or we will not know who the donation has come from.

Easyfundraising - You can donate to HRRA just by shopping online! Visit our EasyFundraising page, sign up, shop through the EasyFundraising page at your regular retail store and they will donate a small percentage of your sale to HRRA.


Rother Community Lottery

Support our work with a chance to win.

We get 50% of your ticket entry and you can win up to 

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