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Hate Crime Reporting

As a small charity run entirely by unpaid volunteers we are unable to provide a Hate Crime Reporting service. Through our network we can however provide support for those who have experienced hate crime and signpost our members to Hate Crime Reporting services.

Victim Support Sussex

Hate Incident Support Service are part of Victim Support Sussex and an independent charity offering free, confidential support to people affected by Hate Crime and traumatic incidents. You do not have to report a crime to receive support from them. They can help in the following ways:

” Personal support with a specially trained person, in a way that works for you. Speak in confidence, ask questions and get advice and emotional support

” Putting you in touch with other specialist help, services or support

” Advice and support in applying for compensation or financial assistance if you are eligible. (You will need to report the crime to the police in order to apply)

” Practical information and help to make you feel safer and be safer. In some areas, this can be help to secure your home

” Information about reporting to the police, the criminal justice system and courts procedures. If you choose to report a crime, we can accompany and support you to do that

” We know that crime affects the whole family. We offer support to everyone directly affected, and we help parents and carers to support children coping with the impact of crime.


If you or anyone is affected by hate crime and would like to access support please do contact Victim Support Sussex on 0808 168 9274 and request to speak with the Hate Crime Team. Or with the client’s consent an agency/service/professional can refer a person into their service by completing a referral form.


Please see links for more information:

Sussex Police

People can report crime and incidents online at

Or give feedback and suggestions at

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